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 There was definitly something awakening in the depth of the 7th district in Vienna! After a fantastic first 2LOOM - The First Contact party, The White Rabbit found another loom in the ground. The euphoria about this discovery is ON!!!

 2LOOM combines the feeling of a 90s rave in Europe with the progressive, energetic, tribal style of our resident DJ Rom Vázquez from Yucatan, Mexico, supported by guest DJs. 

 With „Euphoria“ we continue the 2LOOM party series and invite you to celebrate it with us again till morning dawn!

 We are open minded, respectful people, welcoming everyone, no matter of age, gender, sexual orientation, believes and style. We want you to feel free to be you and able to express yourself.


 Line up:


 Start: 23.00
 End: 6.00

 Entrance Fee:

 € 5 before midnight
 € 10 after midnight
 No ticket pre-sale