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20:00 - 23:59
Fluc / fluc_wanne

RIAN TREANOR (Planet Mu (OFFICIAL), Arcola / UK) live

Rian Treanor reimagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting an insightful and compelling musical world of fractured and interlocking components.

Having left a vivid impression in 2015 with his debut 12″ A Rational Tangle´ and his scintillating 2nd EP Pattern Damage´ on The Death of Rave, in 2018 the Warp sub-label Arcola relaunched with his bold Contraposition 12″ single. His hexagonal and half-stepping bleep-bass mutations rewire hyper-chromatic UK garage and pointillist footwork, with 10/10 and album of the month reviews in MixMag, and he is receiving plays by Björk in her current DJ sets.

At an unrelenting 150bpm his recent guest mix for Mumdance´s RinseFM show alongside RP Boo established Treanor as both a disruptive and essential new voice in British underground club music.

“One of the UK´s most exciting new producers” - FACT

ROJIN SHARAFI (Zabte Sote) live
Release-Show «Urns waiting to be fed«

An abstract music that narrates. Makes you form your own image from the event, story and built up history. Elements turn into characters, characters into myths, myths live together, grow, react and go their paths. The paths that surprise you. The beauty of uncertainty and the beauty of parallel lives. Couldn´t guess where they are going to lead you; in each track and in the whole album. You follow and they chase you.

Rojin Sharafi (borrn Tehran) is a sound artist and composer of acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic music based in Vienna.


Jung An Tagen Techno-Set
Inou Ki Endo