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23:00 - 06:00

There is constantly something bleeping, we are all losing track of what matters. what does it means to be present? Think spontaneously let´s create a space together where only one thing matters - ALLES JETZT. Allesrakete taps into the inborn human condition of relentless upward drive, determined ambition for growth and a constant hunger for exploration.



Sam Shure - Stil vor Talent / Berlin.

supported by:
Kristian Martin
Don Disco & Hieronymus (nascherei/alles rakete)
DJ Joe-Joe (Digital Konfusion FM4)

2ND FLOOR - Disco/House:

Daniel Schwarzkopf - all night long


His sound ranges from melancholic downtempo/electronica to groovy tech house, but his productions predominantly result in dancefloor-oriented arrangements.

When it comes to his DJing style, the adopted Berliner channels his creative diversity into versatile sets, being able to serve up assorted atmospheres, playing frequent sets at staple clubs such as Watergate, Sisyphos, Kater Blau and Ipse, to name a few, which also led to landing his residency at the legendary Bordel des arts party in Wilde Renate.

Fuel & Orbit

from deep via melodic techno to disco. a wide-ranging eclectic mix as the engine for our jouneys into higher spheres, and to create new spaces for musical journeys.

we create an audio/ visual experience ranging from our planets deepest and darkest spots to the vast endlessness of our cosmos.a much-needed escape from the dull realities and struggles of everyday life into exhilerating heights of musical and visual performance

Space: Pratersauna
Time: 30.01.2020
Launch-Time: 23:00
AK 8€ < 24:00 > 10€ - Studenten mit Ausweiß 5€