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Anything Goes by Alysso - Queer Base Fundraising / Birthday Party


Vergangene Showtimes

21:00 - 04:00

In order to celebrate her 23rd year of existence, the walking hybrid between Lugner City and MoMa, Alysso, is inviting Vienna’s nocturnal animals to a night filled with music, drag, performances, art from local queer artists, tarot and lots of Vodka Wellness! All profits will be donated to Queer Base - Welcome and Support for Lgbtiq Refugees !!!

/// Queer Performance Art & Drag
/// Fundraising for Queer Base Vienna - support LGBTI+ refugees
/// Birthday Party
/// Tarot Readings
/// Art market

Free donation - 7€ recommended!

TIME TABLE (subject to change):

21:00 - Doors
22:30 - 23:00 - Performance block A
23:00 - 23:45 - 80s Japanese Citypop / Yugoslavian Disco Intermezzo
23:45 - 00:15 - Performance block B
00:15 - 01:15 - Susie Flowers
01:15 - 02:15 - Princess Stereoke
02:15 - 03:45 - Crystal O


  • Afuli (@datastream000)

  • Alysso (@alysso_666)

  • Amy (@ifuseekqueenamy)

  • Chica Chicago (@chica_chicago_)

  • Damendarstellerin Daniel (@damendarstellerin)

  • Eric Bigclit (@alicemoe_ericbigclit)

  • Faris Cuchu (@fariscucu)

  • Jo (@childlikehalcyon)

  • Kristin Jackson (@regenbogenfischlein)

  • Lady Nutjob (@lady_nutjob)

/// TAROT Readings:

  • Anaelle (@thejourneyofacaterpillar)

  • Kit

  • Sophie

/// DJ-Decks:

  • Susie Flowers (@susieflowers / Susie Flowers)

  • Princess Stereoke

  • Crystal O (@crystal_o_)

/// Art Market:

  • Henny-Products by Susie Flowers - Tote bags, earpieces, prints and everything you didn’t know you needed! (@susieflowers)

  • Yourstitchwitch - Queer-feminist-intersectional stitches (@yourstitchwitch)


*** /// Important information /// ***

  • No homophobia, transphobia, racism or being an asshole in general!

  • If you encounter any problems or witness inappropriate behaviour of any kind, please report to Alysso. You better not mess with the Balkan Queen & her 7-years-of-TaeKwonDo-training—legs.

  • Straight-friendly, just don’t bring your kids please.

  • Respect people’s diverse gender identities, expressions, performances, sexualities, pronouns, etc. Please respect that queer people don’t necessarily wish to share their whole life story & emotional background with you -> “It’s not your right to know, it’s our right to be”. Just don’t be too invasive and have fun ♥ !

  • The music will vary from hipster trash to Balkan wedding over to cheap remakes of Wienerfestwochen afterparties (before Christophe Slagmuylder took over…) and Dark Rooms (no real dark rooms though sadly)

  • Not all performers are “drag queens”

  • Photographs by Simon X-LIFE

/// Most important information ///

Alyssa’s biography:

23 years ago a shining Balkan demon was born into a small Genossenschaftswohnung in Leopoldstadt, Vienna. Her first performance was at the age of only 6 months when she decided to shit all over the antique wooden cupboard her parents received as an unwanted wedding gift after suffering from severe constipation for several weeks. While her performances did not necessarily get better over time, she did buy a Jeffrey Star palette and nowadays, it seems that’s all you need to get paid for your performances! After terrorising people with Drink & Draw & Drag events she wishes to bring local queer artists together and turn performance nights into filthy, queer Gesamtkunstwerke. “Anything goes” is the first attempt to stimulate your liver, brain, heart, soul and wallet.