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Assim Label Night


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19:00 - 04:00

We're coming home for the festive season and throw you the last ASSIM LABEL NIGHT in 2019.

Good Wilson

DJ Set/ Afterparty:
Tori Reichel

VVK: 15€ (
AK: 18€

Good Wilson are Günther Paulitsch, Alex Connaughton, Mario Fartacek and Julian Pieber from Austria. Together they invented a brand-new music style they refer to as “sky gaze” – dream pop for starring at the sky and letting the mind drift off. The ethereal but catchy sound structure decoys the listener into letting go of everyday life and completely disconnect from reality. Almost like soaking up sunshine outside a pub on the first day of spring, sky gazing and sipping on a glass of wine – you mentally leave everything behind and it feels like teleporting yourself onto a lonely but beautiful island, away from all your problems. The next morning you wake up slightly sunburned and hungover, but with a smile on your face. That’s what Good Wilson sounds like.

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According to Urban Dictionary the word YAKATA has two meanings: it’s either a goat-like creature that lives on top of the Andes Mountains, or it’s milf in Japanese. Either way Valentin, Vincenz and Fabian really liked the sound of the word and thus called their band YAKATA.

Valentin and Fabian were on a semester abroad in Madrid when they started writing their first songs. Both had difficulties adjusting to the boiling heat of the city and both suffered from psychosocial changes, caused by growing-up. Transforming their emotional chaos into psycho-pop songs seemed the logical thing to do. Back in Vienna they finished their songs with the help of Vincenz and now YAKATA has a whole album ready to be released early 2020.

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Mantha is Fabian Wintersteller’s solo project. Inspired by Aphex Twin and Nine Inch Nails the producer started experimenting with beats as a teenager. A few years and a couple of SoundCloud-exclusive releases later, Mantha will drop his official debut album Cupcake on December 13th. Taking a pass on professional music studios, Mantha prefers bedroom-producing because of static and disturbing noise, which he meticulously deconstructs into separate sound elements. Rearranged, sampled and micro-sampled those sound elements transform into Mantha’s typical in-your-face beats.

Check out Mantha:

Aramboa is the alias of Vienna-based producer Moritz René Scharf. Being involved in music since his early childhood coming from a jazz background on guitar, he started producing and performing electronic music quickly. After a first release experimenting on the edge of electronica/downtempo, shaped by lively collaborations, especially with singer Elena Shirin, international festival appearances in Europe, the U.S. and South-Africa followed. Now he is off for presenting his latest studio-works where dreamy/artificial soundscapes and a catchy live brass-section collide into a beatdriven euphoric dancefloor experience.

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Christoph „christoh“ Ertl is a musician and producer based in Vienna who is mostly known as singer and frontman of the band “Gospel Dating Service”. Having focused on producing and songwriting since 2017, christoh drops his first solo-release “Love Life” on December 6th.

The central theme – and this may sound a bit paradox – is christoh’s versatility and complexity: effortlessly he combines lo-fi with hi-fi, club vibes with concert hall flair, as well as pop elements with experimental sounds. Artistic freedom is essential for christoh’s music and thus creates a strong expressive character within his self-produced soundscapes. As Hozier’s support act at the sold-out Vienna Concert Hall christoh brilliantly demonstrated reduced versions of his songs, just with him on the piano.