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Ben Wood Inferno Album Release Show


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20:00 - 23:59

Smell the smoke and see the flames - 'cause this show is for you!!


THU 17/10 - doors 20h, stage 21h

Support: The Chaos Circle

In September 2019 the band releases their fifth studio album, entitled "The Real Thing", with scheduled tours through Germany, Austria and Japan.

With their latest release we find the Ben Wood Inferno pirouetting at the apogee while at the same time staying sane inside insanity. Ten brandnew, dripped in curare tracks delivered in full-force scale rock'n'roll - groovier and funkier than the band has ever sounded before and topped with vocals brought to you by deafening explosions of temper. With heartsore, love and sex as the gist of the lyrics you experience Ben Wood and this combatants spreading havoc like madly marauding Cupids.

Produced in Vienna by the congenial Lucas Wiltschko ("Reverend Backflash", Albert Lee) the album also hosts veritable musical greats like Sebastian Schlecht (former "Get Well Soon"), Scharmien Zandi (from "Amour Fou") and Stefano D'Alessio
"Rock'n'Roll in its wildest and most untamed form." Nitestylez Magazine "Ben Wood incarnates cruelty and ferocity, screams, prays and curses. A mad man and creative musician who creates super-energetic ideas and multiple orgasmatrons." Underdog Fanzine.

VVK Jugendinfo € 5

AK € 10