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Beyond Dystopia


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BEYOND DYSTOPIA is an open discourse of hopeful and catastrophic futures.

How a globalized and mobile generation, travelling to different countries to gather experiences and inspiration, imagine the urban future?
While this look into the future might serve as a motivation to change the ways we operate day to day, it also questions the dominant trends and creates strategies to move forward.

As Richard A.Slaughter (1998) put it: “The speculative imagination is a higher-order human capacity that can productively explore the not-here and the not-yet. To some extent it is already doing so. But these explorations are limited by prevailing cultural assumptions. (...) there are other arenas to explore that, were they taken seriously, could exert sufficient symbolic ‘pull’ to qualify as desirable images of futures. They could then begin to act as ‘magnets’ for the realisation of possibilities that are presently obscured.”

Curated by:
AG18 & Improper Walls

Linda Steiner, Käthe Löffelmann, Mariella Lehner, Moiz, Colin Linde, HNRX, David Leitner, NDZW, JAKOB der Bruder, Golif, Vunik, FATI