Vergangene Showtimes

23:59 - 06:00

What better way to start the new year than with a huge, massive, super, hard, big, loud bang??You’re right- there is NO better way! Let’s all get together, and destroy all the negative energy with the power of music, and rave.

Let’s all get together and celebrate with us like you always do. Fat and high and drunk from all the holidays, full of good energy and full of good new years resolutions!
Let’s get together and throw all of the bad vibes away, surround ourselves with positive energy, people, and music!

We are taking over Kramladen yet again for our 2020 new years bash together with some extra special guests!!
We couldn’t be more excited to start this year off the way we do… so come bleach with us, as this one will be one for the books (we’ve said this before, but here we go AGAIN)

Bleach, please.

Line Up:

Neco (Bleach)
12 - 1:30

Yasin Gueney (Hausfriedensbruch)
1:30 - 3:00

Siben & Bora (Bleach)
3 - 4:30

Crystal O (Bleach)
4:30 - 6