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WALTON (Tectonic, Ilian Tape, Hyperdub / UK)
OH91 (Coyote Records / UK) externer link
Succbbus (Rave Atlas / AT)
P.tah X B.Ranks (BLVZE / AT)


Perhaps one of the most notable names in underground off-kilter bass music, Manchester-based Walton has been making dope records for almost a decade now. His sets and productions alike are a stylistic fusion of UK influences; elements of grime, techno and dubstep flow throughout resulting in the kind of energy one comes to expect from one of the purveyors of Manchester´s thriving bass music scene.

Walton started with several releases on Hyperdub and then became a regular on Tectonic, last year has seen his album “Black Lotus” (including collaborations with Riko Dan and Wen) drop on Tectonic to critical acclaim; more recent excursions include the “Inside” EP on the same label as well as the “Murdah” EP on Kaizen, both masterclasses in frenzied bass, gun-claps and tricked-out percussion. With his latest release “Depth Charge” on Munich’s famed Ilian Tape, it’s onwards and upwards from here for a true master of the dark frequencies.


Since starting out in 2011, OH91 built strong roots in the Bristol dance music scene before branching out nationwide and beyond. He has released numerous records over the years, first on the Bristol-based independent label Durkle Disco, and later on Coyote Records, White Peach, and Banana Stand Sound among others.

OH91 is best known to many for “Stealth” — the song that established the DJ as a major player in grime. The track was remixed by grime stalwart Spooky, and exposed to huge audience hungry for more. OH91 also produced the now-classic trap instrumental “Goon Mode”, which Stormzy selected for his Beats radio show. As a crucial part of Bristol´s booming scene, OH91´s production skills are matched only by his ability in the booth.

After providing riddims for Austrian Rap duo and BLVZE members Kinetical & P.tah we are especially happy to welcome the man himself in Vienna!