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Club Fab


Vergangene Showtimes

21:09 - 02:00
Fluc / fluc_wanne

DJ p.K.one & DJ Susie Flowers are doing it again: Die beiden DJs veranstalten am 16.10 eine Queer Party im Fluc Wien!

hey hennieeeessss, queeens and beautifuuul lesbians of vienna 
DJ p.K.one & DJ Susie Flowers are doing it again!!!! we are so pumped and excited to be back in fluc after such a long time!!! can you believe the last club fab was in february 2020grat
but we are BACK at the 2nd CLUB FAB and we will play our iconic sets from 9-4am  so if u wanna have a fab night with your favourite party lesbians, bring your cute booties and dance with us!!!
we can't wait to see you all 

as usual: everyone welcome but no homophobia, racism, and other unappropriate weird grabby stuff!!!