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Dan Mangan - Lily Lyons


Vergangene Showtimes

20:00 - 22:00
Orpheum Graz

Dan Mangan 

Präsentiert von HEAST! 

Dan’s new single "In Your Corner (for Scott Hutchison)", is a direct response to the indie-rock anthem “The Woodpile” from Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit, and is dedicated to the outfit’s late and dearly missed songwriter, Scott Hutchison. With the lines “Leave a light on when it’s bad / We will congregate and make a plan / We’ll be in your corner” Dan is replying to Hutchison’s question, “Will you come back to my corner? / Spent too long alone tonight”. 

Support: Lily Lyons 

Lily Lyons searches for truth in her music, exploring simple things that are easily forgotten - not revolutionary, but the everyday beauty and tragedy of relationships. Each track that Lily writes is a beautiful vignette capturing her experiences so far, with perceptive lyrics delivered in an elegant voice that could easily sit among the greats. Today, with a song built from gentle, lush acoustic layers, Lily makes a declaration and a promise to be the kind of person who doesn’t just appreciate when their loved ones are being great, but actively helps them see themselves that way too, on her debut single on Fiction records, “Spectre”.