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DJ Die Soon


Vergangene Showtimes

21:00 - 01:00

"Horror Music on Rice"

Spawned from the underground hiphop scene of London, Die Soon casts dystopian freak beats across desolate, bleak landscapes. It's hard, it's disturbed; twisted imagination filtered through a SP-404. Daisuke Imamura, known as Dj Die Soon , is a Japanese musician, DJ, illustrator and manga artist based in Berlin, Germany. Obsessed with horror themes, he creates an artistic universe by weaving demon masks, Manga and other elements of Japanese culture into his drawings but also into his music, one inducing the other, either way...Die Soon’s live concerts, albums, exhibitions and publications are followed by a growing public attracted by the approach his original art.
He recently self-released a tape “Mozzarella - Parallel Memory Pillow” which is his ambient project.