Vergangene Showtimes

23:00 - 06:00
Das Werk

Final episode of the collaboration series between DRUM & NON FUNXION.

DRUM floor :

  • VC-118A / Mohlao LIVE (Delsin Records / Frustrated Funk | NL)

  • Albert van Abbe (Semantica Records / FIGURE • Jams | NL)


  • CMYK (Kommuna | BCN)

  • DIM TRICH (Non Funxion)

For the final strike of the collaboration series between DRUM & Non Funxion we put together this sick line-up to go out with a big bang! The previous edition was off the chain and set the bar rocket-high, but we won`t settle for less and promise another glorious mission into sound. For this special occasion we've invited one of our all time-favourite artists VC-118A, also known under his Techno-moniker Mohlao, who has been inspiring us deeply trough his delicate productions for years and who's going to perfrom a live-set. Of course DRUM head-honcho Albert Van Abbe will do us the honour of closing his floor in style. And on the NF-side Dim Trich has invited the mighty CMYK (you're probably subscribed to his youtube channel) to play alongside him all-night-long.