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20:30 - 23:59

Dass dieses Indie-Festival ausschließlich von österreichischen Formationen bestritten wird, versteht sich für die Macher von selbst. Beginnen wird dabei Electric Fire Records, von Thomas Ranosz 2012 gegründet, mit Diamond Skull, Dusk – die ihre neue Platte präsentieren werden -, sowie den Mannen um Dado Maric, Naplava. Ein Abend von Rock´n´Roll über Heavy Rock, Stoner und
Psychedelic bis zu Stoner Heavy Doom.
Diamond Skull
Diamond Skull formed in Vienna, Austria, takes inspiration from Heavy Rock, Stoner and Psychedelic, crafting a sound that is equally straight forward, dark and hypnotic. Their debut single „Cocaine“ was released early 2018, followed by their first full length album „Sleepless“, which was released under Electric Fire Records in August 2018.
Four renegades reigniting Rock’n‘Roll. Flaming riffs meet fast drums and gnarling bass. Dirty but soulful voice on top. Focusing on heavy riffage their songs guide you through the dusty realms of rock music.
Naplava have been merging Stoner Rock with Doom, Slugde and Rock, and they are elegantly demonstrating that genre boundaries are not more than an artificial disruption of the music industry. A raw, direct and gloomy sound aiming at the sore anti-mainstream Listener. For all those who always wanted to know how an UNSANE / Queens of the Stone Age combo would sound like.