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Endless Cycles + Encontrarse


19:00 - 21:00
19:00 - 21:00

Eine Produktion von La Intempestiva


„First time as a dream. Second, as a memory from a moment long past. Third time, as reflecting willingly. And at last, a premonition or perhaps just a wish“

Birth and death are, bottom line, the common moments to every living being’s existence and in several ways, they keep on happening through life. Moving away, saying farewell, becoming a stranger within someone’s own story. Endless cycles that remain starting; getting us lost and finding ourselves in new places. Memory is an ocean of these cycles, where time and our perception of reality get distorted as fading waves in the distance.

The piece approaches memory and time perception from a human perspective. We use circularity, repetition and different archetypical dichotomies to help materialize these abstracts. Can you actually recall what is within yourself? What do we lose once starting something over and what remains?

Choreography: Reinier Martínez Badilla
Dancers: Giulia Di Stefano, Júlia Farkas, Kristína Kollárová
Choreographic Assistance: Simona Štangová
Music: Tímea Hvozdíková, Samuel Hvozdikov
Photography: Héctor Buenfil Palacios
Lighting Installation and Design: Reinier Martínez Badilla



The meeting among two strangers in a space full of seemingly unconnected words and thoughts, soon becomes a reflection about the ambivalence and common places of human nature. As it turns personal and more intimate, the innocent looking into the other threatens with unconsciously transforming into a mirror towards oneself. Without turning explicitly political, the piece questions how we conceive and relate to the otherness from a personal and human dimension.

Encontrarse is a physical theatre duet built around the stories of its two characters on stage and the way they get to know one another. The conflict or development relies on two core elements of human essence: storytelling and the curiosity and need to give meaning to what we look at. How is built what we know about ourselves and how the relationship we have with another person transforms as we get to know them?

Choreography: Reinier Martínez and Simona Štangová
Performers: Simona Štangová, Reinier Martínez Badilla
Also Performed by Júlia Farkas
Music / Composition: Valerie Fritz
Photography: Héctor Buenfil Palacios
Lighting Design: Reinier Martínez Badilla