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F*CKEN PLUS Megerparty Model XYZ Vintage Concorde


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23:00 - 23:59
Grelle Forelle
Megerparty Model XYZ Vintage Concorde (2. Generation)
Willkommen zur raunchiesten Party Wiens.
Main-Act Info:
Evoking the sonic tapestry of her journey, Menal Batti, formerly known as Ehrenschwesta, invites us to immerse ourselves in her transformative and multifaceted soundscape. Her music is more than just entertainment; it’s a raw, pulsating expression of self. Batti weaves her Kurdish heritage into her musical narrative, drawing inspiration from her father’s saz, a traditional instrument that symbolizes her cultural roots. With a profound passion for 90s techno music, she embarked on a musical expedition, cultivating a unique style that elegantly marries disparate elements of the genre into a harmonious entity.
F*cken Plus ist zurück und steht noch immer für programmierten Ausnahmezustand. Wir bringen Eskapismus und Exzess zurück in den Schatten der Verbrennungsanlage Spittelau.