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Girls and Boys


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19:30 - 21:30
Theater Arche
Girls and Boys
Dennis Kelly's play, a monologue of great force and truthfulness, addresses fundamental questions about our patriarchal social structures, and the connection of violence and masculinity.

"Girls & Boys" is the life story of a woman whose name is never revealed to us. It is the story of a "completely normal life" that turns into a tragedy, a life that breaks down because the family father does not know how to face his wife's success in her job, her independence and the divorce that eventually follows. The couple loses itself in the crisis, in the traditional gender images, overlooks the plight of the other, the relationship breaks down, the family perishes.

This performance is a work-in-progress showing after an initial two week research & rehearsal phase.

SPECIAL: There will be a post-show talk with Dr. Meike Lauggas, who is co-founder of the counseling center #we_do! against abuse of power and assault in the film industry, as well as coach for scientists and advisor for equality at universities.

performed by Rosa Braber, directed by Stefanie Sommer, costume by Devi Saha