Vergangene Showtimes

22:00 - 04:00

Grace Schella is a Vienna based DJ and known for her dynamic vinyl sets which can span over various genres. Her style is wide-ranging, from dark, breaky techno to funky, uplifting bangers mixed with oldschool classics, sometimes going on full-on electro sets.

She is respected for gliding through her varied vinyl selection with a true sense of dedication to the craft. Schella is a member of the “female:pressure” network and a former co-founder of the female DJ Collective "Viennoise".

She has engaged in supporting music culture & female forces by curating exhibitions, holding DJ workshops and promoting parties in Austria, Serbia & Portugal since 2013. In 2015, she curated the interdisciplinary group exhibition & experimental sound week "ELECTROPIA" at mo.ë Wien focusing on electromagnetic quanta and space. For the past two years she has collaborated with Nino Sebelic in the “Brutalists” project and started working at the respected TONGUES record shop in Vienna. Lately she has focused on production/studio work after attending SAE Vienna in 2014.