Guest Lecture Series - Medientheorie: Reiner Maria Matysik


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The third Zoom guest lecture at the Department of Media Theory will be given during this summer term by the Berlin-based German artist Reiner Maria Matysik, a professor of three-dimensional design at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany.

May 26, 2020
14:00 Vienna, Austria CEST (UTC +2)

13:00 London, United Kingdom BST (UTC +1)
08:00 New York, NY, USA EDT (UTC -4)
15:00 Istanbul, Turkey TRT (UTC +3)
21:00 Tokyo, Japan JST (UTC +9

The talk Create Hopeful Monsters will be hosted as a synchronous (real time) online lecture.

  1. Let’s get physical (a kind of online performance)
    First of all we have to take into account the quality of our encounter. In order to enhance the situation we will implicate intimate physical contact within digital communication.
    Understanding and evaluating organic forms and grown entities not by using mimetic and imitative sculptural techniques, but through direct interaction based on the human as a biological organism.

    About the quality of a direct encounter between individuals and artworks. About the difference between analogue and digital. An exemplary project of Matysik’s at the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven enables visitors to experience the full potential of direct contact between individuals and works of art during the lockdown. Social isolation facilitates engagement with the work of art in close proximity and intimacy.

  3. Antibiology
    A brief overview about projects such as: a new living biological system grown from human tissue, unity of humans and apes through common offspring and others.

The guest lecture is organized and hosted by Professor Ingeborg Reichle within her summer term lecture series on Speculative Biologies: New Directions in Art and Biotechnology.

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