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Hip Hop Summer-Jam w/ G-Dugz & Dj DuB


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22:00 - 06:00
Club Spielplatz

HIP HOP - Club Sound in all Variations, from NEW to OLDSCHOOL HIPHOP.



▶ Dj G-Dugz ◀
(WIEN / Def Kings/ DJCity & RedBull Thre3style DJ)

▶ Dj DuB ◀


Artist Infos:

▶ Dj G-Dugz
Since his childhood G-Dugz recognized how important music is and had became a Part of his life. He got the inspiration from his older cousin which was a big Hip hop fan and used to write rhymes. A couple of years later (1994) G-Dugz bought his first Hip-hop tape (Criminal minds from KRS-one).
With that, his enthusiasm for Hip Hop , became even more. He began to use his skills in deejaying, where he started to perform at School & Youth club parties in (NYC) and he made a small name GF1.
Also he made with his best friends: Terry. David and Chris a Hip-hop crew named (Cold Mob).
In 1999 G-Dugz decided to leave the U.S.A and he moved on to Berlin(GER) which played a big roll in his career . He got their intention of the Hip-Hop scene what got him bookings for various Hip Hop Jams and small Clubs such as: Juke box and X-large . The demand of booking DJ G-Dugz became more , what brought him bookings for bigger clubs such as: H2o, Friday night fever and Felix in Berlin.
Lately 2003 G-dugz left over Berlin and moved on to a new destination to Vienna(AT) to work and continue his studies, he started to spinning in small clubs and bars like: Queen ann, Soho bar and Mirage. G-dugz knew new people in Hip hop community, deejays and event managers like: Doc lx , fete royale and Def Kings with them G-Dugz became more famous than ever before.
He began to be a guest in couple radio stations like: Fm4 (Digital Confusion), radio Orange (The late show), Play fm (Bounce the mixshow), Jam fm (in Germany) and got his own Radio Mixshow (THE Dugz Show) on Worldcast radio (US) every saturday from 5 to 6P.m.
DJ G-Dugz won Third Place Trophy of REDBULL THRE3Style Austrian DJ Championship 2014.

With the right management and strategy achieved G-dugz a level which gave him the chance to show his skills and to spinn in very exclusive events like: Viva the class, X-jam , spring jam , Vienna get Crunk, which was reported on the TV stations such as: MTV , gotv , Pro 7 , VIVA , RTL 2 , ATV.
At 2012 G-Dugz became a Member of The Legendary Record Label AV8 Records which inclodes artists such as Fatman Scoop , DJ LBR , DJ Daddy K , DJ Jekey and started to show his Production skills by releasing Mash ups , Breaks , remixing and working with U.S Artists such as: Cadillac don, j-money, Rino rich, dj UNK and Gudda beside local artists like: Emilliano and Dj 3igga.
DJ G-Dugz is a resident at Viennas most famous clubs
( Volksgarten "Be Loved" ,Platzhirsch "First" , u4 "teusday club", Club Couture "Soul Bar" ) and he spinned in various clubs World Wide like: Italy, France, Croatia, Holland, Turkey, China, Germany and many more.

The road of succes is always under construction.

▶ Dj DuB (Cypersounds)
Dj DuB ist bereits seit den 90ern fest mit den Säulen des Hip Hop verbunden.
In den Clubs war Rap/Hip Hop dazumals noch rar so machte DuB sich daran selbst Musik zu mixen und produzieren. Er legt seither Österreich weit in Clubs und Events auf. Und bringt seine einzigartigen Mixes unter die Partycrowd. Auch als Support/ Live Dj von so manchen bekannten Acts wie Xzibit, Joe Young (WuTang), Kitty Kat, Snaga & Pillath, Bass Sultan Hengzt, Silla, Mo-Trip, Joka, Chashmo, Die Vamummtn uvm. machte er sich einen Namen. Er ist mit seiner Event / Booking Agentur www.CYPERSOUNDS.net selbstständig.

EINTRITT ( ab 18 Jahren )
Bis 23.00 Uhr // 8€
Bis 00.00 Uhr // 10€
Ab 00.00 Uhr // 12€
Gruppenrabatt ab 6 Personen - pro Person // 10€

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