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20:00 - 23:59 Abgesagt
Stadtsaal Wien
11:00 - 23:59
Stadtsaal Wien

The Ig Nobel Prizes have been awarded every year since 1991.
These most unusual prizes honour achievements that first make people LAUGH, then THINK. In a gala ceremony at Harvard University, genuine Nobel laureates shake hands with 10 new Ig Nobel Prize winners, each of whom has travelled to America at their own expense. This award is in some ways the most coveted in the scientific community: Each year sees about 10,000 new nominations, many of which are self-nominations.
Winners receive a trophy that is hand-made from cheap materials, and also a 10-trillion-dollar bill (in disused Zimbabwe currency, now worth about € 2.50).
The award ceremony includes paper aeroplanes, a mini opera, and other anomalous cultural pursuits.
The founder and master of ceremony of the Ig Nobel Prizes is Marc Abrahams, editor of the magazine “Improbable Research” and its web site Improbable.com
Every spring Marc Abrahams does an Ig Nobel Eurotour, teaming up with Ig Nobel Prize winners and other improbable researchers, in 90-minute shows that make audiences laugh and think (and, if they wish, throw paper airplanes).

The Ig Nobel show at STADTSAALwill consist of two parts: First, Marc Abrahams will elucidate the newest Ig Nobel Prize winners.
Then, he and Elisabeth Oberzaucher will dive into the sex/murder/biology/royalty research that earned Dr. Oberzaucher an Ig Nobel Prize in 2015, shortly before she became a member of the Science Busters.