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Katzkab / Lucas Lanthier / Death by Delirium


Vergangene Showtimes

21:00 - 04:00

Katz Kab (D F / Exclusive Gig)
KatzKab disorderly postpunk around singer Vic.B from Berlin and Paris bulit in 2013 out of Katzenjammer Kabarett.
After closing the carpet behind the deathrockcabaret Katz Kab grows to a fiveheadmonster incl. Klischee, Mr Guillotine ,
Antoine Lombart and Baptiste Bruzzo.
The new Lp "Le syndrome de Diogène" include accents of free jazz and a batterie of saxophone, nervous and hysteric.

Lucas Lanthier (US / Special Set)
Lucas Lanthier is a writer and musician, living in Los Angeles. He writes and performs frequently, both on his own and with the groups Cinema Strange and the Deadfly Ensemble. He also play with Frank the Baptist as Dirty Weather Project. For the Vienna Show he preperes a special show. Lucas Lanthier´s latest single is

Death by Delirium (AT / Support)
Unaffected by strict genre boundaries, Death by Delirium operate in their own cosmos: Death Pop's their playground, a timeless place that offers space for songs like The Next Big Thing, which aptly says: "They always know the sound of the future when it's passed."
DbDs Music Tape "Pushing Up The Daisies" will be available at the WSMTML merchandise stand.

DJ Legion Tanqol Renfield / hell.mute and Darktunes
will shake up the coldest corpses.
Support the artists and hold 5 to 10 € ready!
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