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Kultursommer Wien - Ari Ban, Claire Lefevre & Kenneth Constance Loe: holiday poets society


Vergangene Showtimes

18:30 - 19:30
Kongreßpark 1160 - Erreichbarkeit: Straßenbahn 2/10: Liebknechtgasse, Straßenbahn 43: Hernals, S-Bahn: Hernals Wo genau: Kongreßpark (Nähe Lobmeyergasse)
Kultursommer Wien Kultursommer Wien

#Lesung&Diskussion #Queer #Poetry #CuddlePuddle

The holiday poet’s society was funded in 2022 by Ari Ban, Claire Lefèvre and Kenneth Constance Loe. It is a series of intimate gatherings organised around the reading of poems in English and German. Taking place during holidays and special dates, our readings intend to approach poetry without stiffness. They are an invitation to come together and practice listening, celebrating in community and share written texts in a nurturing environment. The holiday poet’s society centres Queer experiences and creates a caring space where those stories can land, resonate and be heard in their complexities. We are hopeless romantics, word sluts, poetry nerds. Each in our own styles and language, we share texts that are in progress or have been finished for years, texts that are humorous, heartbroken, horny or all of these at once. We start by sharing our texts and then we invite audience members to share their own poems if they feel like it. It is a proposition, never an obligation. Friends, friends of friends and their lovers are welcome to join, listen and let our words echo gently within their ears.