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Kultursommer Wien - Sock & Nathalie aka Strange from Austrian Krump


Vergangene Showtimes

18:30 - 19:30
Mühlschüttelpark 1210 Bus 33A: Mühlschüttel (außer Sonntag) Straßenbahn 25/26: Fulton Straße U6: Floridsdorf
18:30 - 19:30
Herderpark 1110 - Erreichbarkeit: U3: Enkplatz Straßenbahn 11: Station Polkoraplatz Bus 15A/69A: Am Kanal

#Performance #Tanz/Dance

Die Künstler:innen betreten nacheinander die Bühne, um ihre Shows zu präsentieren.

SOCK: Keeping the Proper Temperature

Before we answer the question "How can we keep a proper temperature?", we should think about what 'Proper Temperature' means. Differing from "Accurate" temperature, it is necessary to understand and observe each other's temperature and movement. When the 'Proper Temperature' is seeked, keeping/maintaing this temperature is the next step. There are several ways of trying this. Whether to Accept or Refuse from outside, Allow or Block from inside or Sharing each other's side. Knowing the air and space in between the objects furthermore effects the Whole Temperature. The sound illustrates this space in-between as it sends vibrations through the air, the woods, the tea, the flesh, the eyes, the thoughts and all else that is around. All these steps look as if we are warming up, warming up the air.

Nathalie aka Strange from Austrian Krump: Colours by Strange #Tanz/Dance #Performance

A dance peace with its foundation in Krump* accompanies the main character, Nathalie aka Strange, on her journey of  exploring the colours of life, racial identification and Afro-Peruvian dances.

*Krump is a dance style that originated around 1999 in LA. It is a tool for the dancer to express deeply felt emotions without the need of a filter and share these with fellow dancers at sessions to create an environment of support and exchange. Krump can be many things, it is an expression mastered into a dance.