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Le Corbeau is the brainchild of Øystein Sandsdalen, formerly of Serena Maneesh (4AD) Their sound bows to the vestiges of V.U. and Lynchian glamour. Noisy, seductive, and draped in velvet.
Fuzzy pop-tracks, dark spy-surf elements, impressionistic rock songs, drony instrumentals and lo-fi. Their recent album trilogy IV-V-VI on Handmade Records are widely available via PIAS Nov 15th.

"The mystic deities of noir have returned." -Spill Magazine (CAN)

"The more we spin these, the more immersed we become. Combining all three together, these albums present twenty-seven mind-bending, and spell-binding compositions. Extremely captivating and memorable stuff. recommended.Top pick." - Baby Sue LMNOP (US)

"An ever-present darkness casts a shadow throughout Moth on the Headlight, even on the album’s brighter moments. “Yvette Rosemont”, for example, features dreamy female vocals awash in a sea of guitar fuzz, except here the sea is churned into a storm, thanks to ominous brass notes. Rather than merely conjuring nostalgia, Le Corbeau makes forward-thinking shoegaze and experimental guitar music, all filtered through vintage film influences. Forget dream pop: The dark and impenetrable Moth on the Headlight is more akin to a nightmare." - Consequence of Sound (US)


Founded in 2019, Powerhouse is a psychedelic rock quartet from Vienna.

Rouven Stoll developed the songs behind Powerhouse over the course of years, recording shoegazing miniature epics in his bedroom. Erin (Luise Pop, Snoww Crystal, Black Fjords), Tristan (Missing Organs, Black Fjords), and Tom (Raccoon Rally) all got on board to bring the songs to life, turning intimate songwriting into gig-ready fuzz-rockers.

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