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Vergangene Showtimes

20:00 - 22:00
Vienna Schick Bar

Hello. The nice owners of my new, small, neighborhood watering hole have asked me to play something at their bar and said I can do what I want. 
I just bought a cheap Dutch organ that I love, will improvise/play along to whatever goofy backing rhythms are on my amp (if the buskers in the subway can do it, why can’t I?) and a Casio VL-Tone, and it may found something like this video. 
I also will bring a box of angklung (Indonesian bamboo tubes) that you can play if you’d like. 
I will also have a Schuhlöffel that you can pour shots down for me to drink. Bring your own and join the fun. 
So come on out and celebrate American Thanksgiving with me in the least American way possible.