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LSD & The Search For God / The Faded North / Breitband


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LSD and the Search for God
USA | shoegaze | psych | space rock
Turn it on and tune in to a psychedelic trip, where swirling guitars and playfully flirtatious vocals travel through dreamy pop hooks and fuzzed out drones. Their sound makes it clear why their astonishing live performances up and down the West Coast have firmly established them as the up-and-coming darlings of the underground psychedelic, spacerock, shoegaze community.
ffo: My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, The Telescopes

The Faded North
Vienna | indiepop | new wave
The Faded North are a British heavy pop band in Vienna. They're dark but groovy, pop but not. It's not post-punk, it's post-brexit. They want to dance, because who knows how long they've got.

Vienna | krautrock | psych
The future of the internet! Some lovely, cosy krautrock tunes with members of Aux Portes.