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Kultursommer Wien. In Form von Future-Pop bzw. Cloud-Pop bringt Maerlia tiefgehende Themen an ihr Publikum heran, ohne dabei zu explizit werden zu müssen. Ein philosophisches Konzept zugrunde liegend wird in Form von Musik auf eine Weise vermittelt, auf die es spürbar bleibt und gleichzeitig tanzbar wird.


the main idea of this project is to create a space to escape inbetween having a physical
body and the mind – which is alive even if the body is asleep. how we view the world is
shaped by our learned perception. therefore my body is a portal for manifesting structural
behaviour and internalised „thoughts“ constructed by society subjectivite on my
existance – through my body. everything belongs through I. nothing belongs to me or
you, but everything belongs to something through my perception. only through the connections
I create in my mind (subconciously and conciously) the world gets meaning. not
only is my body – my subject – a medium of actions and behaviours it is also a portal to
endless combinations of emotions, personas, performative acts, that I could dive in whenever
I want to. I am the portal to choosing to believe or not believe in the constructs we
have built. there is no past, there is no future if I decide not to believe in the linearity of
time. there is no time, no measure ment – nothing is real.
being alive to me feels like being on a search constantly. in this search, when you are
aware that all of this could be aswell a dream. – there is no value in money if we all just
not believe in money anymore – this thought can be freeing and empowering but at the
same time create a feeling of anxiousness, paranoia and schizophrenia. so this search
is aswell a constant running away. from what is learned, from security, from what the
body represents. and running away creates a sense of being restless, being exhausted
and being afraid to ever stop. especially in times of crisis, as we experience it right now,
it‘s hard to navigate through life and follow your plans and dreams, so what‘s left is the
playground of our imagination. all this should be captured in the sound and lyrics, sending
the listeners on a trip.
„a reflection of isolated narratives in a dystopian state of the world. where fiction becomes
reality and dreams are the excitement of present life, the world is on hold, whats left
is my imagination. why not take dreams and imagined memories as honest as the world
we have a physical body is there a difference if i touch you or if i only imagine to do so,
why do i even admire to do so when we are the same, you is me and you is infinitely.“