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Mash Music


Vergangene Showtimes

20:00 - 23:59

András Dés: Percussion
Mahan Mirarab: guitar

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VVK: €12
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Ermäßigt: €8

Mash formed in Vienna, Austria after Andras Des moved to the city. The spark to discover new ways of playing music was the main reason that brought Mahan Mirarab and Andras Des together. They have been both proactive in searching for and exploring new ways of creating an original sound and thus this match paved the way in developing their unique musical horizon. Mash aims to create an aesthetic sound within the context of polyrhythms. Using maximum possibilities on guitars and percussions, Mash creates simple yet sophisticated melodies.

Andras plays the role of a drummer on his right hand and a percussionist on his left hand, while Mahan plays the bass lines with his thumb simultaneously playing melodies and chords with the other three fingers. By bringing together their music cultural background from Hungary and Iran, Mash is creating a new form of contemporary jazz music. Over the years Andras has developed his unique percussion set and he is always looking for new sounds in a wide range from everyday‘s objects to the instruments with deep traditional roots. Notably using fretless guitar, Mahan specializes in blending the Middle Eastern microtonal system with jazz. By using the electronic and various sound textures Mahan and Andras beautifully build a bridge between the acoustic and the electronic sound!