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No One Told Me - Group Show


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19:00 - 22:00
Improper Walls

Improper Walls is proudly taking part in the campaign 'No One Told Me' for mental health awareness month. Improper Walls presents the group exhibition NO ONE TOLD ME, organized in collaboration with Made of Millions.

As art is an important tool to draw attention and communicate, we are happy to take this chance and focus on the treatment gap.

Through various media and their unique style, participating artists tell stories of their own or someone else’s struggle with mental health, share experiences and reflect on the healing process.

Ana Loureiro http://cargocollective.com/analoureiro

Daniel Castells www.instagram.com/dcastells1
Danielle Pamp daniellepamp.weebly.com
Dmitrij Ritter https://dmitrijritter.com
Elisabeth Öggl www.elisabethoeggl.org
Ellamae Statham www.ellamaestatham.com
Erika Farina www.instagram.com/frnrke
Josepha Edbauer www.instagram.com/chosepha
Lisa Braid https://lisabraid.com
Lissa Weisser www.instagram.com/lissarianasophie
Małgorzata Wowczak www.instagram.com/fishboneseater
Michal Sosna/NO_PIC_NO_CHAT www.instagram.com/no_pic_no_chat
nita. www.studionita.at
Norbert Kröll www.norbertkroell.net
Reka Horvath www.instagram.com/therekahorvath
Sabrina Haas http://sabrinahaas.com
Verena Tscherner www.verenatscherner.com

15th of July, 2020 7 - 10 PM Improper Walls

Opening evening
Book reading: Norbert Kröll

17th of July, 2020 2 - 10 PM Prime Tours Vienna

NO ONE TOLD ME live painting by David Leitner and Olivier Hölzl. Curated by Improper Walls and Aa collections
Part of XX ART Flânerie.

18th of July, 2020 5 - 7 PM Improper Walls

Performance and artist talk: nita., Ana Loureiro, Josepha Erdbauer

29th of July, 2020 6 - 10 PM Improper Walls

Short movie screening and artist talk: "JAPAN" by Dmitrij Ritter

1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with a mental disorder at some point in their lives. In 2020, that's roughly 1.9 billion people. But less than 40% will ever seek help, and those that do, spend an average of 10 years suffering in silence.
This mental health awareness month, modern advocacy nonprofit, Made of Millions, focused their efforts on the treatment gap — the long, avoidable years so many people spend suffering in silence. Launched the first week of May, the #NoOneToldMe campaign has quickly snowballed into a mini global movement, shedding light on the long lasting pain that stems from undiagnosed and untreated mental conditions. The campaign hopes to raise awareness of massive gaps in our education and mental healthcare sectors, and put pressure on changemakers to invest in much-needed reform.