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Ocean Mole & Blank Slate


Vergangene Showtimes

20:30 - 23:59

What could be better than two of Vienna's most progressive bands sharing the stage? This night, Kramladen will be filled with expressive voices, hypnotic grooves, haunting melodies - and the most motivated, beautiful audience!

Blank Slate is a musical collaboration of four young guys who try to create music, that’s interesting, progressive, limitless but still easy to listen to. Influences from Jazz, Classical Music, Progressive Rock and from time to time Electronic Music can be heard throughout the Blank Slate catalogue. So open up your mind and dive right into the different colours of Blank Slate!

Formed in 2016, the sound-breaking, band-new formation that is Ocean Mole dives deep into the progressive sea, climbs the highest rock mountains, breathes fresh jazz, and ends up playing harmless little pop songs. ...or is it..?