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Peter Madsen and CIA play Silent Movies - Curses of the Witch


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Weltreise mit Stummfilmen - The Collective of Improvising Artists Silent Movie Ensemble continues its yearlong series of rare and exotic silent films from countries all over the world with three wonderful films from Finland, India and Bali.

Curses of the Witch

Finnland 1927, 82 Minuten | Regie: Noidan Kirot

Silent horror film which is considered one of the first examples of it’s genre in Finland. Based on the novel by Väino Kataja (1914). A couple move to an isolated house where an ancient curse is rumoured to assail inhabitants, according to local legend. Curses of the Witch is a kind of horror film but with the backdrop of the beautiful landscape of Finnish Lapland where daily life is very difficult. It is the story of a newlywed couple who suffers from the effects of a curse put on the place by a witch centuries earlier. Beautiful creepy film! Check it out!