Regina Anzenberger - Gstettn


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Gstettn is a place of wilderness and freedom, a plot of land waiting to be used for housing and that has been taken over by nature in the meantime. From 2017 to 2021, Regina Anzenberger set about capturing the essence of this small piece of land just behind the Anker bakery. Flats for 3000 people will be built, where once the buildings of Europe's largest bread factory stood - but that time has not yet come.

With her photographs, which are painted over, extended by drawings and augmented with found objects, the artist has captured the natural experience of Gstettn in the seven chapters Winter Flowers, Nature Planets, The Illusion of Summer, Native Grounds, The Reconquest of Nature/6 Columns, Snails and Frost. In her works, Regina blurs the boundary between object and reality and takes us on an adventure.