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Lost in Transition w/ DJ Hill, Die J. Apostel, Asid[e] & LiSSTN


Vergangene Showtimes

23:00 - 06:00
We can’t deny the gloominess of November this year, hence here’s our contribution to the already full-on club season and to much needed spaces for joy and happiness: two events on November 25th, at the lovely @crackbellmer in Berlin and @rhizvienna in Vienna.
In Vienna, the dancefloor will be heated by @dj_hill_ , Die J. Apostel, @selin00aside & @lissarianasophie .
Born and raised in Vienna, DJ Hill  has been wreaking havoc in the local club scene for some time now. The visual artist who took up DJing in 2018 made a name for herself, having played renowned Viennese locations.From house to electro and groovy techno, DJ Hill always delivers when behind the decks. 
Biiiiiiiiiijan aka Die J. Apostel aka Original Bi G digs deep into the crates from Medellin to Tehran to Bucharest. 
From House, Disco, Latin Flavor, Hypnotic Afrobeat to Voodoo Hop - Die J. Apostel preaches in many tongues but never fails to convey his message. One Planet, One Love, One Sound.
The night is warmed up and closed by residents Asid[e] & LiSSTN. Their signature Rosa Brisante sound will make you hungry for more in the beginning and satisfy your dance cravings at the end of the night. Get ready for bouncy bubbly tunes ranging from oldskool house to new releases including everything that brings fun and makes you dance.