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Rojin Sharafi


Vergangene Showtimes

21:00 - 23:59

“Roam” functions as a fictional experience!
The music performance “Roam” recalls Rojin’s passion for hidden and forgotten spaces. It evokes different connotations and associations of music and space and brings them in new contexts. Modular or synthetic sounds, recorded and live instruments build up a narrative long form together. They create sound-monuments, spaces, characters and vivid organs!
All these elements narrate a piecemeal story from different character’s point of views. Rojin brings the events in a new time-order using flash-backs/flash-forwards.
Throughout this performance, She creates a melange of fluid time, solid time and frozen time, where audible motifs are displayed and remained as sound-monuments.
She searches different narrating methods in music and leaves the interpretation to the spectator.

before/after the concert:
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