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Rolltreppe / f.e.i.d.l


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What @bachelorrecords MINDY HECHT has 2 say about Rolltreppe:
"Okay here is whats gonna happen in late may, the ROLLTREPPE debut LP is going to hit you in the face even though "normally" you dont really like post-punkish songs because you are a way too cool garage punk who spends more time in the facebook "budget rock" group than actually listening to music. This debut record is something you can'T live without: brain-frying stop and go sounds with jaw-dropping lyrics, most of them in german, filled with frustration and anxiety. I don't know how they look like, they wont give me a promo photo, and i times like these they do not play live ...
Mindy Hecht"
What Mr. Phantom Records has 2 say about F.E.I.D.L.
"Ja, wahrscheinlich brauchts echt nicht mehr als deren Selbstbeschreibung:
'Wir können gar nicht so viel fladern, wie wir kotzen wollen.'"
F.E.I.D.L. is a garage-y post-punk band from Vienna. They play repetitive beats topped with fuzzy guitars. The bass and drums stomp out a catchy, yet mechanical locomotive chug. Based solely on their sound the vocals seem frank and earnest. I have no idea what they are saying so they could be really sarcastic and silly which would make me happy. Mixing all of that together F.E.I.D.L. gives off a detached type of cool noise that’s appealing to my ears.

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