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Musik-Performance: ЯOTOR & Albert Mayr


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Am diesen Abend stehen zwei Sets am Programm, mit

MARTINA CLAUSSEN - electronic devices, voice
PATRICK K.-H. - visuals


ALBERT MAYR - sound, performance

Coming from a background of classical vocal performance (amongst others performing at the Volksoper Vienna, the Musikverein and Konzerthaus Vienna), over the past 10 years she expanded her artistic practice into electronic music composition and performance. She has held performances at Festivals such as Ars Electronica/ Austria, Festival Futura/ France and the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival.
She works at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna where she holds the position of Associate Professor of Voice, since 2009.

The composer and vocal artist Martina Claussen explores and combines the sounds of the human voice and sound objects with field recordings, analogue and digital electronics. She explores the space and the performative action and has over the years steadily developed her own distinctive style of music.
She studied Voice at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, Composition at the Bruckner University in Linz, Vocal Pedagogy and Computer Music & Electronic Media at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.
Martina Claussen recently received the Publicity Award 2020 of the SKE / Austro Mechana.

composer, video- and media-artist, navigating through graphical sound, animation, interactive performances, tangible and spatial sound, multivarious collaborations with contemporary dancers and butoh to graphic collage and acousmatic composition.
Along with his creations as a director, author of music / video for over 40 opera/ drama/ post-dramatic theatre plays and performances in Russia, Europe and USA, PATRICK K.-H. is one of the initial artists (2004) to introduce video in modern Russian Theatre. He has had his music, video and performances presented in more than 200 festivals and series around the world including Ars Electronica (Linz), ASIFA (Vienna), Club Transmediale (Berlin), MIAF (Melbourne), Symposium iX (Montreal), FIVA (Buenos Aires), Art Moscow, in 2009 he composed a sound-scape for the Russian pavilion at 53rd Biennale di Venezia. He holds several international awards – LÚMEN_EX (Spain), Golden Mask (Ru), Broadway off (USA), and more.

Beyond his art work, he has developed an important activity responding to experimental media-art, particularly spatial sound-art education and gallerism: his [email protected] program (Kiev, 2010) has been pivotal in engendering sound-art as formal and informal practice in the post-soviet domain. He is head of research programs of Media-Studio at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Ru. Organiser/ teacher of educational classes and programs —among them Media-performance Lab (MMOMA, Moscow, 2011-2013) and New Media Lab (St.Petersburg, since 2015). Founder and co-curator of the Floating Sound Gallery (since 2008) — the sole venue for spatial sound in Russia, presented over 120 international composers by now.
Since 2018, PATRICK K.-H. conducts the “ACOUSMONIUM inauguration” international festival for Francois Bayle’s loudspeakers orchestra (St.Petersburg). He also communicates experimental sound art and music through publications and interviews.

Vienna's best bit digs it's way up to the surface, ALBERT MAYR aka JONNY HAWAII's long-awaited debut long player. Besides releasing astonishing "Drops Studies" with Ultra Eczema a couple of years ago, this is what we - all missed, up till now: Mayr's classical morphing, shape-shifting, noise-driven a-rhythmic multi-rhythmic live-setting, captured by Robert Schwarz (Augsburger Messer, She Was A Visitor, Privat, L/R a.m.m.) He has performed countless times, screwing his pedals in wigs, with strobes and fans, on ironing boards, shovels or saws, here we go: "Albert Mayr puts his schnitzel where his mouth is. Mayr combines semi-household materials to create a colourful racket that turns (harsh) noise into fireworks and fireworks into free improvisation. Jazz into sound-art and pretzels into piercings. Mayr shows us one could walk on water, even it’s not freezing!" - (Dennis Tyfus, Ultra Eczema)

Albert Mayr, born 1975 in St. Pölten, lives and works in Vienna. He studied New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, until 2008. 2010 he presented „The Jonny Hawaii Orchester“ at Künstlerhaus Graz, 2012 one of his extensive multimedia installations at Art Cologne, New Positions. Distinguished with the Austrian government scholarship in 2013, he presented at Liste, Basel 2014, in frame of the „De Appel Gallerist Programme.“