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Schatten w/ Radio Hito, Hyeji Nam, Heap, Ramona, Samt Sirene


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Line Up:

Radio Hito (live) https://kraak.bandcamp.com/album/voce-lill
Hyeji Nam (live) https://tendermatter.bandcamp.com/album/meta-love
Heap (dj) https://soundcloud.com/heapvienna
Ramona (dj) https://soundcloud.com/raveramona/tracks
Samt Sirene (dj) https://youtu.be/3IszEWle4OM
Tobias (dj)

Radio Hito (BE / live)

Radio Hito is the musical endeavour of the composer, writer, and artist Y.-My Nguyen. Her taste for enthralling pop melodies and the delicate vocal rendition of poems from others in Italian and her own verse appeal to an increasing number of followers. She is behind a couple of releases on Belgian labels including Krut and Midi Fish that put her first full-length album Non Solo Sole in 2020. Her last release Voce Lillà has just came out last November on Kraak (BE).

Hyeji Nam (Tender Matter / live)

Hyeji Nam is an interdisciplinary artist working across painting, sound composing, text, and performance.
Combining digital media and the physical body to question the relationship between our mind and digitized bodies, she explores themes like female masculinity and the politics of corporeality. Nam’s debut EP “Meta Love” was released via Tender Matter in November. Meditative sounds add another sensory level to her work. Thematic reference points remain intimacy, transience, post-digital identity, and vulnerability. The spherical, alienated sounds condense, creating a hypnotic effect – hiding one or the other sting, one or the other wound. 

Heap (Dj)

Heap digs deep. Not one to bow to trends and fanciful fads he knows his shit. Real abstract electronics for the dancefloors with a twist. The Neubau founder has worked tirelessly for years showcasing the best in raw, rugged, forward thinking music.
Florian Stöffelbauer is Heap. The prolific man co-leads the Vienna based record label Neubau and Wiener Brut, which keeps impressing vinyl enthusiasts since its birth in 2015. Artists like Aufgang B, Karamika, Leo James and more recently Alexander Arpeggio, Gil.Barte, MR TC and Lo Kindre joined the roster and participated with forward thinking and brave dance music.

As diverse and interesting as his label’s output, so is Florian’s DJing. Deep knowledge of music and many secret gems in his vinyl bag let him guide faithful listeners all over Europe.

am 28. Mai 2022 ab 19:00
im celeste, 
Hamburgerstraße 18
1050 Wien