Vergangene Showtimes

20:00 - 23:59

A stoner rocky, grungy, doomy explosion of good times with Sleeping Child from Germany and Weddings from Vienna, AT!
Join us to fly away reaching cosmic spheres, smashing back down to the ground, traveling from desert to the sea.
Come and enjoy with us!

Sleeping Child:
It all started with a jam-session in 2018, afterwards the four musicians from Hamburg, Germany knew: It was love!
First songs were written and performed live, the audience grew. At the end of 2018, Sleeping Child entered the studio for their first EP, planned for release in January/February 2019. The band didn’t stop there, more songs were written for the tentative 2019 release of their full-length album „Rise of the Astrophant.“ May 18th marked the release and consequent live gig to celebrate the album. The four members; Julian (drums), Michael (bass), Phil (guitar) and Jules (vocals) mix a different style of Stoner Rock / Doom with a unique blend of Desert / Metal and Hard Rock, creating a sound barrier to blow your minds away and set your emotions free.

The Bermuda Triangle.
The Three Amigos.
3 is a magic number. A palindromic prime. A symbol of completeness. What does it take to complete a kick-ass power trio? 3 instruments: guitar, bass and drums. In Austria, 3 musicians with very different backgrounds have unified in unholy rock ‘n’ roll matrimony to bring you a powerful, textured and uncompromising sound. Weddings is an explosive and moody rock power trio indebted in equal parts to grunge, desert rock, psych rock, punk and doom. The brainchild of Canadian Jay Brown (Vocals/Guitars), Spaniard Elena Rodriguez (Vocals/ Drums) and Swede Phil Nordling (Bass), the band was created in 2017 after the 3 met while living in Salzburg, Austria. The band members' cultural differences helped to forge and fuel Weddings’ uniqueness. Brown’s upbringing on the prairies of Canada, Rodriguez’ childhood in southern Spain and Nordling’s experiences in Gothenburg, Sweden have contributed an impressive diversity to the distinctive songs. A mutual love of bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Monster Magnet and Alice in Chains helped to unify their creative direction - one that takes many left turns away from conventional rock trappings, while in pursuit of fearless creativity. Their first single Labyrinth showcases all of their strengths - male/female vocal harmonies, powerful riffs, propulsive bass and pounding drums. Getting caught in this maze of mesmerizing chord structures and tempo changes is adrenalizing and haunting. A fitting lead off for the band’s upcoming debut album entitled Haunt to be released in late 2019. Weddings will be touring Europe this year and they’ll perform almost anywhere…they just don’t play weddings.