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Solstafir/Oranssi Pazuzu/Helga - Nordic Descent Tour 2024



20:00 - 22:00
Simm City
Solstafir/Oranssi Pazuzu/Helga - Nordic Descent Tour 2024
Featuring legendary Icelanders Sólstafir as they kick off the touring cycle for their 8th full length studio album, which will be released on Century Media Records later this year. Sólstafir are no strangers to the music world with their 20+ years of performing across the Globe as they consistently amaze audiences with their hearts on their sleeves from the first note and leave it all out there when they leave the stage. With a full catalog of truly exceptional timeless hits to perform, as well as some much-anticipated new music, the atmospheric Icelandic rock n´roll sound that is uniquely Sólstafir always delivers to those who bear witness to their epic sets that take you on a journey through the ice and snow, fire and lava and breathtaking soundscapes of their homeland.

Special guests on this tour, are none other than Finland’s own Oranssi Pazuzu, to support their forthcoming album to be released on Nuclear Blast Records, also later this year. No strangers to the absolute extreme avantgarde, this tour will also serve as the beginning of the highly anticipated latest edition to their impressive catalog of music. Crossing multiple genres, Oranssi Pazuzu leave the listener wondering what the hell just happened as it is impossible not to be entranced by everything happening on stage, summoning feelings of dystopian uneasiness with intense satisfaction.

From November 26th – December 9th, Season of Mist Records artists HELGA will take over as support. Originally hailing from Dalarna, Sweden HELGA’s sound conjures visions of forests and nature in a magical blend of heaviness with a subtle dash of prog while combining both the Swedish and English language to the text. Re-locating to the UK from her beloved forests, HELGA has proven to old fans and new fans alike, that she is a force to be reckoned with now that her band is complete. Their debut album “Wrapped In Mist”, released November of 2023, had critics and fans alike raving over this latest offering hailing it “eclectic music that lurks around the edges of black and post-metal”.

The unique part of this package is that each of these bands sing in their native languages making it a true treat for the spectator who is likely not fluent in all 4 languages. It offers a chance to truly immerse oneself into the music and the performance while gaining your own inner perspective to the possibilities of each song.

Sólstafir comments on the tour:
“We are coming back with long shows, new songs, and old pearls. Ever since we played with Oranssi Pazuzu in Transylvania back in 2012 we have been fans of them, so we are very happy to be taking them on the road with us. Joining us as well, are our friends in Hamferð who we played with in their home country back in 2013. Hamferð will, and the other half will be our newest friends in HELGA.”

Oranssi Pazuzu follow suit, stating:
”Shapes are forming in the horizon. We have finished oozing our upcoming sixth album and it will manifest itself in the fall of 2024. In order to feast on this, we are psyched to join Solstafir, Hamfred and HELGA on a tour across Europe in November and December. ”

HELGA, while subtly adding in one of their song titles to the statement, exclaim:
“We are hugely excited to be joining Sólstafir and Oranssi Pazuzu on this run of European shows in support of our debut album ‘Wrapped in Mist’! We can’t wait to play this material live on our first European tour alongside such incredible musicians. It’s a big world…”