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Stand Up, Vienna!



19:30 - 21:30
Stand Up, Vienna! -Marcus Brigstocke, Ari Eldjarn & Schalk Bezuidenhout
19:30 - 21:30
Stand Up, Vienna! - Jessica Fostekew, Romesh Ranganathan & Zoe Lyons
Dear fans of comedy,
prepare to be spooked and amused at the 11th anniversary of Stand Up Vienna! We've conjured up a wicked surprise: the launch of an English-language comedy festival at the Gartenbaukino!
On October 30th, brace yourself for a lineup so good, it's almost otherworldly! From the frosty humor of Ari Eldjarn to the devilishly charming Schalk Bezuidenhout from South Africa, and Mr. Marcus Brigstocke stirring up laughs in between like a cauldron of comedy potion.
But beware, the hilarity continues on the second day! On October 31st Jessica Fostekew and Zoe Lyons will cast a spell of laughter upon you, leading you blindly to your ultimate treat, the one and only (and scary) Romesh Ranganathan!
Join us for a Halloween celebration filled with laughter, tricks, and treats! Don't miss out on the spooktacular fun at Stand Up Vienna's comedy extravaganza in cooperation with Hoanzl Agentur.


Marcus Brigstocke: With a background in improvisational comedy, Marcus excels at delivering razor-sharp satire and incisive social commentary. His comedic range spans from observational humor to political satire, making him a versatile and highly engaging performer on stage.

Ari Eldjarn: Ari Eldjarn is an Icelandic comedian known for his sharp wit and unique perspective on life. His humor often revolves around cultural observations, personal anecdotes, and witty commentary on everyday situations. With a blend of clever wordplay and deadpan delivery, Ari captivates audiences with his dry humor and infectious charm.

Schalk Bezuidenhout: Schalk Bezuidenhout is a South African comedian renowned for his energetic stage presence and relatable humor. His comedic style is characterized by witty storytelling, playful banter, and a keen eye for absurdity in everyday life. Schalk's performances are known for their infectious energy and hilarious insights into South African culture and society.


Jessica Fostekew: Jessica Fostekew is a British comedian celebrated for her sharp wit and fearless approach to comedy. Her humor combines clever wordplay, observational comedy, and witty social commentary, often delving into topics such as feminism, relationships, and modern life. Jessica's dynamic stage presence and quick-thinking improvisational skills make her a standout performer in the comedy scene.

Zoe Lyons: Zoe Lyons is an English comedian known for her dry wit and sharp comedic timing. With a background in stand-up and improvisational comedy, Zoe's humor often revolves around observations on everyday life, relationships, and social dynamics. Her distinctive style and engaging stage presence have earned her acclaim both on the comedy circuit and on television.

Romesh Ranganathan: After a sell-out tour in 2022, Romesh is back with a brand-new show examining the human condition... are people inherently good? Is charity always a positive thing? Is hustling the key to success? Or is all this a load of rubbish we've made up to keep people working hard for no reason.

Join Romesh as he examines all of these issues and more while providing no real answers.
Best known for The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, The Ranganation, Rob & Romesh Vs, A League Of Their Own, Avoidance, Romantic Getaway, host of Weakest Link and his own BBC Sounds and Radio 2 show For The Love Of Hip Hop.
'A masterclass in spinning life’s frustrations into comedy gold' (Evening Standard)
‘..deceptively sharp and utterly disarming' (The Times)
'...vivacious comedy' (The Guardian)