© Stefanie Moshammer


Stefanie Moshammer - We Love Our Customers


10:00 - 18:00

Women's hands with pink artificial nails, decorated with logos of luxury brands, caress discarded garments. They haptically explore every detail of the textile, literally caressing it. Next to it, a metal clothes rack that has become non-functional because it has been bent appears.

Stefanie Moshammer's ongoing series We Love Our Customers plays with our perception of today's consumer and brand culture. In a humorous and perceptive way, the artist examines our relationship to garments between tradition and the present, between appreciation and mass product. The works gathered in the exhibition flirt with this dichotomy of values and the contrast of organic materials and alienated, machine-made set pieces. In addition to digitally generated texts and found-footage videos, the artist uses her grandmother's collection of fabrics as source material.