Sub Presents Macumba


Vergangene Showtimes

20:30 - 04:00

Our music is our Macumba, a physical and spiritual resistance to the normality of everyday consumer culture.

We come to entice, intoxicate and mesmerise via bass frequency, rhythm and sound, to multiply the life force in all of us.

On the musical controls:

La Machi (Vienna Ist Tropical/Cumbria, Neo Perreo, Reggaeton)
MP Flapp (Afrodisia/Afrobeat, Afrodelica)
Ayotheartist (SOB/Kingstreet/Afro-House, House, Hiphop)
Ironica Los Culos (Vienna Ist Tropical/Heavy Baile Bass Music)
Franjazzco (Disko404/Footwork, Juke, Jersey..)
Tucci aka Alamut (SUB/Afro-Bass Music, Jersey, Bailefunk)

Suggested Donation: 5,- Eur

All donations go directly to Ilê Obá Silekê in Berlin. The only existing Candomblé house in our part of Europe, keeping afro-brazilian tradition and Orixá-worship alive.

The energy you bring comes back amplified: so please be respectful, peaceful and positive on the dancefloor