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Summer Party


Vergangene Showtimes

17:00 - 22:00 Abgesagt
Nau - Conscious Art Space

Dear people, I feel like organizing a Summer Party. Just like that, for free, for the fun of it and for the good old times of Lichtfabrik, Pier 15, Papertown Fiestas, Singersongwriter Circus, stEFFIE Festival, Secret Dinner Games, Open Shops, Irrlicht shenanagans and all the other fun events we've organized a loooooong time ago (I feel old haha).

I will take care of some basic entertainment and at NAU there will be food and beverage to consume but if you want to participate with ideas, performances, music jams, exhibiting your art and offers, giving free sessions of something - whatsoever, just write me a message.

Also we will celebrate Philipp (Blume, for those who know him) birthday! I won't say which number, but let me tell you, its a good one!

At Nau there will be:

a beautiful big garden
water to swim in
a Sauna
a yurt (Jurte)
food and beverage
campfire in the evening
and much more beautiful stuff