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Svetlanas / Dajneseri / Kvartirnik


Vergangene Showtimes

20:30 - 22:30
Club 1019
Svetlanas / Dajneseri / Kvartirnik

(Trashcore / Punk Rock / Milan / Italy)
Svetlanas are a Russian thrashcore and punk rock band formed in Moscow, Russia and based in Milan, Italy. Its current lineup consists of Olga Svetlanas on lead vocals, Ricky on guitar, Steve on bass, and Diste, Olga's husband, on drums. Bassist Nick Oliveri frequently appears on the band's releases. Svetlanas originated in Russia in 2009. Their self-titled debut album was released a year later in 2010. The lineup has changed since the formation of the band but has now remained constant, as of January 2018.

(Hardcore Street Punk / Vienna / Austria)

Dajneseri is a Hardcore Street Punk band from Vienna (AT).

(Post Punk, Punk and Pop Rock / Vienna / Austria)
"Vensky KVARTIRNIK is an experimental cover band with band members being from Ukraine and Russia. While performing mostly post punk, punk and pop rock, they experiment with combining different styles, genres and art dimensions such as dancing and poetry into something new and special, making their performance not only vibrant, but also fresh as a breath of air."