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TBTB with AB & DJ Kalifornia & Majestic Mood


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It´s gonna be great at “The Birds & The Bees Summer - 10&1 Anniversary Season mit AB, DJ Kalifornia and Majestic Mood!

AB, founding member of The Loud Minority and The Birds & The Bees drops by for one of his unique warm up sets. Be prepared for some deep & energetic dance-floor vibes.

DJ Kalifornia - Vienna based DJ/Musician / Love & Music / Bazed & Confused in VIE / Former/Future 3rd of Paradiso / Human (after all) / 99% Vinyl / All Styles / Talk to the DJ

If there's anything a good DJ should be able to do, it is to set a mood. In the case of Majestic Mood, the mood is going to be majestic - no matter which musical genres are involved. Inspired by HipHop, he explores it's various roots and dives deep into Jazz, Soul, Funk and many more..

The Birds & The Bees at @volksgartenpavillon

Friday - 13.08.2021 - 10pm
10&1 Anniversary Season

Line Up:
AB (The Birds & The Bees | VIE)
DJ Kalifornia (Kalifornia Kurt | VIE)
Majestic Mood (Groove Merchants | VIE)

Entry: € 7,-

Für das Season Design haben wir dieses Jahr eine internationale Artist-Kollaboration mit der brasilianischen Künstlerin Fefe Talavera (São Paulo / BRA) und Mitgliedern der John Ross Group (VIE).

“Silhouettes are what black people represent to me, today black people die for no reason at all. So I decided to honor them by transforming each silhouette into mythological Gods.”
Fefe Talavera, 06/2021