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TBTB with Cid Rim & The Clonious


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BBQ Smoker (bis 22:00), Wiens schönste Gartenlocation
Friday - 27.08.2021 - 10pm
10&1 Anniversary Season
Cid Rim (Affine Records/VIE)
The Clonious (Affine Records/VIE)
Entry: € 7,- (ab 10pm)

This Friday back with a very special line up for you! 27.08.2021 - The legendary Birds & The Bees 10&1 Anniversary Season with CID Rim & The Clonious.

The Birds & The Bees at @volksgartenpavillon

Friday - 27.08.2021 - 10pm
10&1 Anniversary Season

Cid Rim (Affine Records/VIE)
The Clonious (Affine Records/VIE)

Entry: € 7,-

Imagine running into The Clonious, that dude equipped with hundred headphones which directly interact with his musical epicentre. He elegantly puts together the apparent inconsiderable and the clearly essential elements, subsequently he breaks music into rhythm + harmonies to reach a point at which it is incontrovertible to discuss the perception that jazz is the mother of it all.

People work in very different ways. Some already know exactly where they will end up at the beginning of the journey. Some choose the path of least resistance, others the shortest way from A to B. And there are those who move forward step by step, always towards where it just feels right. CID RIM is one of those people. The sought-after producer - a native of Vienna, now living mostly in London - is releasing his second album in August. It's called "Songs of Vienna" and is as much a logical continuation of his debut "Material" as it is something very new. It's full of the classic sound of CID RIM, a drum-driven blend of jazz and electronic music.

Flyer Art by Fefe Talavera (São Paulo / BRA) 
Graphics & Videos by GrafikdesSeins, Feed your Head & Members of the John Ross Group.

“I created bondage women from the moment the pandemic started, I felt sexually free but trapped in the house. The strings represent the moment. The colors and flowers are what a woman is in my eyes.” Fefe Talavera, 06/2021