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Vergangene Showtimes

20:00 - 23:00

The L.L.A. is excited to release their first EP! It is made up of 4 songs that have gone through a soul searching bender all the way from the Pacific Northwest to Central Europe. Their journey was long, but they made it!

Be prepared to smile and sway to the groovy vibes of Peter the Human Boy, and then to follow along with The L.L.A. as they introduce you to the theatrical and dynamic sounds of The Lonely Leaders' EP.

Tickets: VVK/AK 7€/9€

The LLA is a project that started in the US with songwriter Tim Tercero. He has since relocated to Vienna and formed a band with Michi Lind on drums, Daniel Hochreiter on keys/guitar, and Niki Brandl on bass. Live, The L.L.A. has a core of lyrical storytelling with a performance style that ranges from smooth to ragged.

Peter The Human Boy is a made up of Vienna based songwriter Peter Mathis and his bandmates Gabriel Fischer, Patrick Stieger, Jannik Riess. They are down to earth slow rockers, combining surf and indie rock with a dreamy pop feel while maintaining an overall jazzy groove.