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Tin Man (DJ-Set)


Vergangene Showtimes

22:00 - 04:00

Tin Man all night long.

Have we reached peak acid? It certainly is possible. Its hard to visit the club or festival these days without hearing the familiar squelch of the 303. You can hear the great influence Tin Man has had on colleagues across the spectrum of Acid music that is so popular in this moment. His signature style and deep catalog of releases has permeated the scene and you can hear his emotional impact in countless new releases. Tin Man’s acid is the real deal and his live shows have a real impact because of their emotional rawness and originality. Producing music for more than a decade, Vienna’s Tin Man continues to evolve and invigorate with each and every release. Tin Man is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Over the last decade Johannes Auvinen has explored an ever evolving sound palette that touches on house, techno and ambient. Most recently the California born producer and live act has been responsible for reinvigorating the acid scene with his unique and cerebral manipulations of Roland 303s. His tracks are laced with slow and subtly shifting pads and infused with a very real machine soul to exude captivating warmth. Taking influences from “Chicago and radio pop rock as well as melancholic UK electronics and Sahkö” Tin Man’s extensive discography also explores less sublime and seductive sounds on labels like Keys of Life and Acid Acid. He is also part of The Acid Symphony Orchestra (a live super group that features artists playing on ten 303, 707 and 808) and has turned out a standalone neo-classical and ambient work, Vienna Blue, which proves he does so much more than pure dance music. The modern acid master plays live on 303s, TR-8s and plenty more bits of hardware, always creating textured soundtracks on the fly using a range of FX and skills built up over the last decade. In recent years Tin Man has also attracted attention through collaborations with Cassegrain, John Tejada, Donato Dozzy, Josef K and Winter Son, AAAA, Jordan as Rolling Ones, and Gunnar Haslam as Romans.