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21:00 - 05:00

LDY OSC live set / dj set
Alyssa Auvinen Barrera is a musician, with 10+ years of dj'ing experience, who was born in Mexico and grew up on the border in Laredo, Texas. LDY OSC became her DJ/Live artist name and her other project Artefactos de Dolor is synth-wave/post-punk band. In 2014, while studying music and sound engineering in NYC, Alyssa began to build DIY synthesizers and eurorack modules. That would eventually lead her to taking a synthesizer repair course by the Analog Lab in 2018 while in the process of moving to Vienna. In September 2020, Alyssa began her second Bachelors degree in Electronics, at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna. Her music discography began in 2018 with an EP on The Bunker New York. Following, in 2019, an LP on Swedish label Kontra-Musik. The upcoming EP release on SF label Squirrels on Film is due to hit record shops this summer. Her band has a double LP on records which is getting repressed at the moment. LDY OSC also has several tracks on various digital VA compilations such as Mysteries of the Deep, Adaptive Sonic, Glauben Records, and others on the horizon. LDY OSC's sets have been described as razor-sharp IDM with avant-garde structures that are always morphing with glacial patience.

TIN MAN 4hrs extended dj set
The named master of the worldwide neo acid scene graces us with an extended set.
Over the last decade Johannes Auvinen has explored an ever evolving sound palette that touches on House, Techno and Ambient. Within the last years the California born producer and live act has been responsible for reinvigorating the acid scene with his unique and cerebral manipulations of real Roland 303s. His tracks have been laced with slow and subtly shifting patterns that are infused with a very real machine soul and exude captivating warmth.
AK: 12 EUR
supported by Stadt Wien Kultur / MA7
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